Join us for a fun, friendly & educational day!

Saturday, January 28, 2017 • 10 am – 4 pm
Arivaca, AZ

Human and earth-friendly festival in beautiful Arivaca, nestled in high desert hills just over an hour’s drive southwest of Tucson.

fairydusterswebAmidst the complexity of the world today, what good choices can we make for ourselves, the planet and all of life? The Arivaca EcoFest and home tour offer the opportunity to explore eco-wise lifestyle technologies and materials. We hope to encourage creative and sustainable choices regarding our homes, food and water supply, energy sources, natural surroundings and communities. Come get inspired by seeing how others implement technologies and materials supportive of life.


Our modern world needs help. What steps can we take toward sustainability – and beyond – into resilience and regeneration? By changing our homes, communities and values, we change the world. Coming together to share methods and mindsets, we find both grounding and elevation.


babo-thru-sunflowers-webThink of the tour of sites as a treasure hunt in a high desert rural town! Each site boasts some combination of innovative and eco-wise features. Take in the exhibits and learn from demonstrations at the Arivaca Old School House Park. Glean interesting and useful perspectives from enthusiastic and knowledgable speakers inside at the Old School House. Enjoy the offerings of various organizations of Arivaca – treats to eat and vendors of sustainable crafts, products, books, posters and more.

Enjoy the day at your own pace. Bring a curious self and some friends – carpool! It’s a beautiful drive. See you there.


A BIG THANK YOU to all our Participants & Sponsors

• Participating Arivacans for donating good energy, time and elbow grease to make the festival fly!
• All participants who share their knowledge and materials for the benefit of all
• The Arivaca Action Center, Inc and other committee members for holding the vision and makng it work!
• Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) for the in-kind sponsorship of enthusiasm and donation of Byrd Baylor Desert Dweller posters ($500 retail value)