The drive to Arivaca is a treat in itself. As the map below shows, it can be done as a loop. Enjoy.

Drive time: On I-19 just over an hour from downtown Tucson. 45 minutes from Green Valley. 1 hour from Nogales.*

arivacamapactionctrinsertUpon arrival to Arivaca: from southbound Arivaca Road take a left onto Universal Ranch Rd. Look for tour signs. Proceed downhill 1 mile to the Arivaca Action Center (just past the Community Center and Mesquite Road.) Look for tour signs. We’ll be there to greet you. 15925 Universal Ranch Road.

You may arrive as early as 9am for check-in and breakfast. The Festival itself begins at 10am.

* The hour’s drive from Nogales is via I-19 north to Exit 48, and then to the Arivaca Road. While taking Ruby Road is an option, and a beautiful ride, it can take about 2 hours from I-19 to Arivaca on winding, hilly, unpredictable dirt road.