Exhibits, Demonstrations & Vendors


Below is a list of the EcoFest exhibits, vendors and demonstrations.
All will be in the Old School House Park, with three exceptions as noted with*.




Originate Natural Building Materials Originate is a natural building materials showroom that specializes in interior finishes which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and made from natural, renewable, and recycled resources, and rival the aesthetics and performance of more traditional interior finishes. Products include: countertops, tile, cabinetry, flooring, building materials, paints & plaster, stains & sealers, adhesives & caulks and salvaged building materials. We enjoy sharing knowledge and helping you to make environmentally aware choices during the design and building process. At the Arivaca EcoFest, we will display a variety of our interior finishes for you to see the breadth of what is available.

Natasha Winnik, a trained architect, has worked in natural building materials including strawbale construction, earthen plasters, natural paints, earthen floors, and Japanese plasters. She managed the construction operations of Franklin Court, the first small scale totally green development within the City of Tucson which won the 2006 Building from the Best of Tucson ‘Urban Infill Development Small Scale’ Award. Natasha founded Originate in October of 2003 to serve as a local and regional source of environmentally sound building materials and provide a place where people can see and experience these materials.  originatenbm.com


desert-tort-logo-webJohn Slatterly
We will be treated to demonstrations at John’s booth on preparation techniques for acorns. He will also showcase some important medicinal plants from the area, and be selling some herbal products and his book, Southwest Foraging.

John is a bioregional herbalist and forager helping people develop relationship with wild plants. Seeking out traditional plant knowledge and fostering relationships with traditional healers and foragers, John works towards keeping traditional knowledge alive through his writings and experiential education while imbuing it with new perspective gleaned through research and his own deep relationship with plants and place. Currently John is passionate about bringing the abundant and delicious acorn back into our modern diets, and promoting the “heritage” value of many of our wild plant foods. slattery-swforagingbk

He founded Desert Tortoise Botanicals, a bioregional herbal products company, in Tucson, AZ in 2005 in order to bring his wildharvested plant medicine creations to the people of the Southwest.  He enjoys traveling to new bioregions, learning new plants, collaborating on educational foraging events, and encouraging people to become bioregional in their approach. John’s offerings can be found at johnjslattery.com. John’s first book, Southwest Foraging, is now available from Timber Press. 


WMG logo.jpg

Watershed Management Group • Lincoln Perino
Watershed Management Group is a non-profit organization based in Tucson which focuses on various aspects of water in the desert – from water harvesting to healing waterways. They offer educational opportunities as well as design and installation services. Their rainwater and greywater harvesting systems are state-of-the-art, encompassing structures, land and cisterns for homes, offices, yards and gardens. Information, conversation and educational materials will be shared at their EcoFest table. watershedmg.org


nss-logo-webNative Seed/SEARCH                                                                              Native Seeds/SEARCH is a Tucson based non-profit organization working to protect and preserve arid adapted crop seeds to nourish a changing world. We maintain a regional agricultural seed bank with over 1900 accessions from the Southwestern region. During the festival we will provide information on regionally adapted seed varieties, seed saving, sustainable arid lands gardening and farming techniques, and information about our seed donation programs. NativeSeeds.org 



Ecogro….for the Art of Growing Brendan Woltman
Weird Plants and more!
EcoGro is a recognized resource for Aquaponics, Sustainable Growing Methods, Unusual and Rare Plants, Education, Equipment and Supplies so that plant and garden enthusiasts can acquire the tools and knowledge to achieve their goals of growing healthy food, minimizing environmental impacts, enjoying healthy plantsecogro-aqupponics-graphic and experiencing the pride of achievement. ecogro.com
* Find the Ecogro folks at La Siesta Campground.



David Moshel • Earthen Block
No housing form gives a greater feeling of comfort and security than solid earth construction. Earthuprising provides earthen block for contractors and owner-builders in Arizona, utilizing local resources that preserve the environment, reduce carbon footprint and put local people to work. We construct our machines to be infinitely and easily maintainable, with parts and materials replaceable locally in most parts of the world.earthup-step-3

At the EcoFest, we will demonstrate soil selection, on site block production and will be available to discuss your construction project. EarthUprising.com



The Solar Store 
Kevin Krause
Southern Arizona’s one-stop shop for all things solar, from hybrid solutions to ground mounts, car port structures to off-grid solar systems,  The Solar Store has installed thousands of solar systems since 1998. They are certified photovoltaic and solar thermal installers, a licensed contractor, and are committed to community involvement! They have a registered professional engineer on staff and created a certified solar hot water system. We will see their off-grid solar trailer at the EcoFest, powering its own slide-show about solar power! Kevin Krause, sales and marketing manager for The Solar Store, will be sharing information and answering questions.”We at The Solar Store are changing the way people consume energy – and we are proud to create a greener future for our community.”


Ask a Master Gardener…  Jay Rivett & other MGs
Jay Rivett, one of our local Master Gardeners, and other MGs, will answer your gardening questions! The Master gardener booth at Marian’s Market is sponsored by the University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension, Pima County Master Gardener Volunteers. It is set up for disseminating information about gardening and landscaping. Pertinent seasonal pamphlets will be available.
Jay Rivett graduated from the Pima County MG class in 2016. He was a MG in Henagar, Alabama for the 7 years that Jay’s Garden Variety was located there. Jay has been an organic gardener since 2004, and a conventional gardener all his adult life. In 2012, Jay and his wife (former residents of Tucson) moved to Arivaca to start an organic farm closer to family.
* Find the Master Gardener booth downtown at the farmers’ market.



Borderlands Restoration  David Seibert & cohorts 
An intriguing and innovative non-profit institute based in Patagonia, the mission of Borderlands Restoration is to reconnect wildlife, land and people in the Arizona/Sonora Borderland region by involving people in restoring the ecosystem on which we depend.

Initially formed to restore plant and pollinator communities, waterways and eroding land, Borderlands Restoration is evolving to include community-based engagement in an array of projects addressing economic, social and border-related issues. Come by our table to share in this great conversation!

The BR Native Plant Nursery started as one greenhouse and has grown into a full-blown propagation operation. Since its inception in 2012, the BR Native Plant Nursery has produced over 40,000 native plants for landscape restoration in/on national parks and monuments, public lands, private ranches, and backyard landscapes.



Sky Island Alliance 
Sky Island Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore the biodiversity and natural heritage of the Sky Islands. We use science, education and advocacy to connect the binational landscapes, people and wildlife of the Sky Islands for the benefit of all. The Sky Island Region encompasses the unique and diverse landscapes of high elevation peaks (“sky islands”) and the important grassland and desert scrub linkages between the peaks (“desert seas”) of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and northwestern Mexico. macho-b-3

Stop by the Sky Island Alliance table for information on wildlife tracking, native plants, springs, and more. It’s also your chance to see The Spirit of Corazon and The Spirit of Macho B, life-size metal sculptures created by Pat Frederick to raise awareness of jaguars and the threats facing them as the pressures of population growth and climate change impact their habitat.


Each year Alliance volunteers help to build rock structures, install pollinator plants, track wildlife, and monitor springs. Check out our event calendar for opportunities: /calendar/category/volunteer/

Ravens Way Brochure OUTRavens Way Wild Journeys  Vince Pinto
RAVENS-WAY WILD JOURNEYS offers exciting Nature Adventures and diverse Educational Programs promoting our unique Sky Islands Biodiversity, while raising urgent Conservation awareness. RWWJ runs two Nature and Wildlife Sanctuaries – Raven’s Mountain in the Chiricahuas, and Raven’s Nest by Patagonia Lake & Sonoita Creek State Natural Area. Both serve as working models of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Living Practices, promoting alternative and Environmentally Responsible ways to live on our fragile Planet. Our unique Safari Tented Camp Eco-Lodge practices Low-Impact Ecotourism!

In addition to sharing information and excitement about what we do, we are bringing our eco-crafts to the EcoFest, including: Fire-by-Friction Kits, Ostrich-Egg Water Canteens and Organic Seed jewelry.

Visit: ravensnatureschool.org for Program and Lodging information.




Altar Valley Conservation Alliance  Kyle Thompson
At the Noon-Kasulaitis Ranch, Kyle Thompson will show and explain earth restoration and erosion control structures which help manage the effects of rainwater as it flows over land. The Altar Valley Conservation Alliance holds workshops to teach people about watershed dynamics and restoration techniques. The Alliance works with land owners and managers to identify project sites, coordinate projects and bring resources and techniques to the table. The scale of restoration projects varies considerably. To date, the largest restoration effort that the Alliance has undertaken is the Elkhorn/Las Delicias Watershed Restoration Demonstration Project, which showcases planning, installation, and monitoring of watershed restoration practices in ephemeral arroyos and associated uplands and tributaries in a flash flood dominated landscape of the Altar Valley.altarvalleylandandsky

Just southwest of Tucson, Arizona, the Altar Valley comprises some of the most biologically rich and ecologically threatened biotic communities in the world. It is a working landscape managed by families for generations — families who provide sound stewardship while functioning collectively as bulwarks against urban development and other threats that would forever alter this fragile social and ecological environment. These families collaborate with other organizations and citizens via the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance to solve problems and enhance the watershed through science, communication, and restoration projects. altarvalleyconservation.org
* Find Kyle from the Altar Valley Conservation Group at the Noon-Kasulaitis Ranch




The Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge support the work of the Refuge. This year we are concentrating on taking down interior barbed-wire fences and you are welcome to join us in the fun! At the EcoFest, we will have a Fur Identification Board. Rub the fur and guess which animal it belongs to. The results will surprise you.


environmental quality logosPima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) serves Pima County residents by protecting public health and the environment. PDEQ monitors air and water quality; provides hazardous and solid waste programs that encourage waste minimization and pollution prevention; assesses environmental compliance; processes environmental permits and plans; responds to public complaints and inquiries with investigations and enforcement, and reaches the community via public outreach, education, and citizen’s assistance.
Visit PDEQ’s booth to spin the Wheel of Wisdom to win recycled prizes & learn fun facts about conserving land, air and water quality.



Byrd Baylor Table

Beloved local author, Byrd Baylor, has delighted us for decades through her spirited words. A variety of her books available for purchase.

Desert Dwellers Know
A celebration of Byrd’s Words!
2′ x 3′ . Available for $10 each. Unframed.
The poster celebrates living in communion with all desert life. It originated in the heart and mind of Skye Siegel, PDEQ Community Outreach Coordinator, and features Byrd’s words and the artistry of Paul Mirochas.

More about Byrd and the poster can be read online in the December 2016 issue of The Desert Leaf article on page 48. http://trendmag2.trendoffset.com/publication/index.php?i=358255&m=12024&l=1&p=1&pre=&ver=html5#{“page”:48,”issue_id”:358255}



Ken Buchanan, author  With over 200,000 copies sold around the world, This House is Made of Mud is a simple story, narrated by the child of a family who builds their own adobe home in the desert where they live in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. Ken will be at Ecofest from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M. to sell and autograph copies of the book (softcover, bilingual, $8.00).


Jessica Citlalcoatl Offering chair massage at the EcoFest. Tierra Sagrada Massage was born out of my passion for holistic healing and wellness. Focusing on healing through reconnecting with nature, and with each other, I integrate massage into my wellness consulations (which include nutrition, herbal remedies, and stress management). Many of us who live our lives practicing permaculture, harvesting desert foods, etc., do so because we want the planet to be healthy… and we, ourselves, want to be healthy. www.TierraSagradaMassage.com